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Life is an emotional playground.

You can dance with joy or lie with sadness. You decide which castles, tunnels or scary spaces to enter. You choose where to reside.

Emotional amusement park life choices…

I have visited low valleys and I have climbed glorious mountains. I have experienced utter defeat. I have been a superhero. I have been scorned and I have been celebrated. I have been despised and I have been deeply loved.

I am thankful beyond measure to these 10 spiritual teachers for strengthening my spirit. They have cheered me on. They have kicked my ass.


1. Louise Hay taught me how to love myself. I thought I loved myself just fine until I tuned into Hay’s glorious voice. All of those empty spaces inside of me started to wake up. They began to truly heal. Louise had a horrific childhood, went on to become a model, started a publishing company and healed herself from cancer. She’s a badass. Hay encourages the use of affirmations and mirror work. When I began practicing her teachings I felt massively empowered. She is the queen of self love. Louise gives you practical ways to fall more in love with yourself everyday. When you tune in, you will find she gives of herself like a dedicated mother. She will shake you with the one thing you must have for fulfillment, self love. I honor her loving kindness. I carry on her work in my own.

2. Tony Robbins makes me feel brave. I am a woman with intense masculine energy. When I came to know Robbins I accepted that part of myself more fully. He speaks bluntly, not worrying about hurting feelings. He calls people out on their bullshit without pussy footing around. He yells, he cries and he makes me feel comfortable in my own emotional skin. Tony trusts himself. He brings you his best every time he teaches. He is forever expanding, learning and sharing. He gives me permission to be myself. He encourages my warrior nature. He is honest and kindhearted. I am more self assured because he is self assured. I am motivated through his tough love. I am in awe of his life journey.

3. Stewart Wilde channels deep thoughts and takes you on a journey of awakening. I wish there were more video teachings of his enthusiastic message. He has passed on. I love the way he spoke of death being the next great adventure. Wilde understood the vastness of the soul. He gave up wealth for a spiritual walk. He delighted in explaining what he knew to be true. He spoke on corruption succinctly. He helps you understand the culture war going on for our soul energy. He’s silly and childlike. Self assured and savvy. He was an introvert and an extravert. He helps me realize that anyone can change their stars. His dedication to sharing spiritual truths inspired me to do the same.

4. Esther Hicks taught me how to find my highest riding thoughts. She doesn’t put up with pity parties or extended periods sadness. She channels ‘Abraham’. Watching her speak in riddles yet clear as day assured me, my own channeling was not unusual. We all have the ability to tap into the higher mind. She teaches the ‘vortex of creation’. People grapple with not having what they desire. Esther taught me that what I desire is not a thing or a manifestation but a state of being. She showed me how to find that place of power in knowing I transform my world by my emotional guidance system. For better or for worse. When I wake up not feeling quite right I go to Esther for her wisdom. And as deep as her teaching is, it is one of the most simple messages there are. Find your space of power and operate from there.

5. Dr. Bruce Lipton helped me formulate my understanding of how my environmental conditions dictate the health of my cells. My cells agree with everything I tell them. They will line up in agreement with depression or anxiety. They will dance with joy in my happiness, They become sick when I ‘think’ I’m sick. They strengthen as I become more conscious of my own frequency. The energetic environment I expose myself to creates who I am. All that I want and desire for myself is spoken to the 50 trillion little cellular me’s. What I tell my cells I become. Changing life long habits becomes very important once we understand this foundation for wellness. Lipton was ridiculed by his peers, lost a tenured job because he bucked mainstream science. He taught me when you discover new truth, be brave, get your message out, it will forever change the world. Lipton is pure epigenetic fun.

6. Seth Godin is a marketing guru. How did a marketing guy help me in my spiritual journey you ask? Because he taught me to be fearlessly me. He encouraged me to be the purple cow I know myself to be. He cheered me on to cause a ruckus. He gave me the permission I was looking for to be free, to find my tribe. He gave me just the right advice at just the right time and continues to do so. Seth assured me that my uniqueness is what makes me special. He encouraged me to shamelessly promote myself and my business. He eradicated my fear of ‘going too far’. He made me feel ok that not everyone would get what I was trying to do. But those who do are the ones that matter. He patted my creative nature on the back, watered my edges and encouraged me to swim. He made me braver.

7. Miki Spies is my favorite philosopher. She is my most intense coach. Miki strengthens my soul with her brave and fierce nature. She calls me a badassmotherfucker and lovingly pushes me on for greatness. Miki writes books that make me believe I can walk on water. She speaks as if every breath will change the course of history. She is dedicated to awakened us to the fact that everything influences the collective energetic vibration. Miki is convinced that every action we take toward vibrates far and wide. She is the optimist of all optimists. She doesn’t buy into the idea of mistakes or regrets. She believes in personal power and rapid self growth. Miki gives me hope for humanity. Miki is me! Here's my book Rise Up B$tch!

Build an enviable emotional playground by tuning into these powerhouse spiritual teachers.

Life is on schedule. 


Miki Spies


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