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Self esteem is imperative if you want a prosperous life. When you feel powerful you draw success to yourself. The stronger you are, the more you accomplish. The more you achieve, the happier you feel. It is a beautiful cycle.

It all begins with your state of mind.

Falling in love with your uniqueness is imperative to happiness. Building self esteem takes practice. It is an everyday mental, physical and emotional game. When you build yourself up it increases your zest for life. Something we all crave.

Your idiosyncrasies are what make you interesting. Your quirks endear you to us. Do not downplay what makes you different. Do not be afraid to reveal what lies inside.

The more I grow in self love, the more I have to offer the world.

There is no one like you. These books and authors helped me realize that I am perfectly me. They guided me to be free in my self expression. They contributed in building up my confidence. They boosted my understanding of self.

These 9 Authors Rocked My Entire World!

  1.     The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand introduced me to Howard Roark. Howard was stubbornly brilliant. He passed up jobs that required him to compromise. He took criticism in stride. He did not worry about fitting in. He was the best in his field yet tormented by his peers. After reading The Fountainhead I decided that I would never compromise my creative genius again. No matter what the cost.
  2.     John Irving and his bizarre characters will inspire you to let it all hang out. Irving’s novels are highly creative. He introduces us to the inner world of fascinating people. He teaches us that our weirdness is the coolest thing about us. A Prayer For Owen Meany demonstrates that we all have a life purpose which can not be replicated by another. Prepare for that purpose.
  3.     Every 6 months or so I gravitate back to Tony Robbins. He speaks well to mental toughness. He is the ‘why guy’. He forces you to identify what truly motivates you so that you can operate from that space. Our passion must be ignited if we want to influence. His giant heart for people makes us realize how much good is in this world
  4.     I read The One Minute Manager when I was 21. It gave me tremendous confidence in the workplace. Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson tutor us in our communication. We are taught to use ‘one minute praising’ and ‘one minute reprimands’. A no fuss way to get outstanding results from staff and exceed corporate goals. I still use those techniques today.
  5.     Rise Up B$tch, An Inspired Methodology For Manifesting Fantasies. By me, Miki Spies. I show you who you really are; a badassmotherfucker, capable of birthing your hearts desires. The book is packed with encouragement and my own manifestation stories. I give you practical homework that will bring about immediate confidence.
  6.     How to Win Friends and Influence People slows me down and reminds me how to connect with others. Dale Carnegie is undoubtably someone we should all glean from. He is witty and interesting. Carnegie’s philosophies about the human soul should be studied universally. He will give you confidence in handling people.
  7.     Louis Hay does a fantastic job of demonstrating how to love yourself. You Can Heal Your Life is good medicine. I learned from Hay to look deeply at myself in the mirror and love everything that I am. Our mind affects our well being. She is a great coach, moving you toward healthy thoughts.
  8.     Marketing guru Seth Godin motivates you to go to the next level. He teaches to look within for the magic. Purple Cow, Linchpin, We Are All Weird, the list goes on, all fantastic books to help you think outside of the box. Find your own genius, he helps you to do that.
  9.     Science has proven that our thoughts, beliefs and focus affect the quantum world. You influence tiny particles! You are a supernatural being capable of building the life you want. Learn how to operate in the magic of the unseen realm by reading Rise Up B$tch!, by me, Miki Spies. (Second shameless plug) You will never see yourself the same.

The world needs to hear your glorious voice. You have a mission to accomplish. You are spectacular manifested energy, a unique expression of all that is. Dedicate yourself to yourself. You become whatever you wish to become.

Inundate yourself with the wisdom these books offer. Grow in confidence as you apply the concepts. Let the authors lift you up. Be encouraged. Be brave. Be your badass self. There is no one like you.

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