A Conversation With My Newborn Self - Manifestation Coach Miki Spies, The Spiritual Mother

I bring you cliff notes of your future, wisdom you had the courage to uncover. You, pretty baby, are the Universe’s divine lover. The majority believe they live on a material plane. There is not a chance in hell of you being subdued much less trained.

Enjoy the thrill of leading the way. Your passion is red hot, you dislike authority. Those that are closed, you tend to piss off. Do your best to ignore their stupid, mindless scoff. The mundane bores you silly. You swim in the deep, pushing back every bully.

You will not change the world alone. In 26 years, a perfect reflection is born, a bit of a clone. Her eyes are a grey shade of blue. She is Snow White and Cinderella, an illuminating hue. You will grow up together, uncover your full nature. Double the power in two.

You experience emotions on a vast sliding scale. You ride untrained horses and fly down massive hills. You camp in tents and have lots and lots of uninhibited sex. You are funny, daring, some call ‘scandalous’. F*ck them, do not give it a thought. Your mission is to become self taught. Explore the vastness of your uncharted soul. Let the rest of it completely go.

Some do not see who they truly are. They are trapped in misery, stuck in someone else’s vision, permanently attached to an earthly religion. The cosmos gives you lesson after lesson. You get an up-close and personal taste of universal vibration. You are tapped into the planets personalities of expression.

A vast array of experiences is yours for the taking. You teach the world manifestation and demonstrate mysticism. Largely you spend the first half of your life unaware of the greater vision.

When you are young, you are left to your own devices. No one is there to offer you advice. You are hilarious dude, playful and gay. But you are also serious, determined to cause lasting change.

Happy Birthday Beautiful. You are lovely this day. You are generous of spirit, a powerhouse, an overcomer, a spiritual teacher pointing the way.

You love deeply! Oh god do you love deeply. You go all the way. The human spirit cries for expansion. You will learn the not so easy art of non-attachment.

Systems of prison will attempt to box you in. Some humans are not smart, they are programed freakin robots. Most are addicted to media, this causes you frustration. Others will join you on your exciting, supernatural life mission.

You speak truth and charge out, dabble in alchemy. Resistance, for some, comes too naturally. F*ck the naysayers, the haters the unyielding status quo clingers. You are a badass, a beacon, a one of a kind thought leader.

You have a 17 year old mother and an 18 year old dad. Their marriage is ugly and just plain sad. When you are 16, they give you a car. You drive fast, unafraid of a life altering crash. To you, speed is where you are headed, hair flying in the wind, middle finger extended.

Thank you little one, for giving me a life of discovery and depth. I admire your fullness, your, kindness, your breadth. You have grown wise and glorious in my untainted eyes. You alert the slumbering to the system, point out its ugly guise.

You have a lightness of being, a heart made of gold. You are intuitive and 101% bold. Embrace all that is you and every choice that you make. Life opens up when fully awake.

Grow, expand and become. F*ck when others judge, dance to the beat of your cool Miki drum.

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