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There is no way around it, you MUST become mentally tough. Success hinges on the strength of the mind. When you stick your neck out, criticism and disapproval will surely come. We are not living in a utopia full of accepting, beautiful souls.

I used to become extremely emotionally attached to people. Everything they said affected me deeply. I cared what others thought. I wanted everyone to love me...

Fast forward to a national ‘scandal’ where my daughter and I wer in the news on the daily. We took a beating in the media. We went on The Today Show, their poll had record breaking participation after our appearance. The world aggressively came against us. All because my daughter was “Too Sexy for Her Yearbook”.

I fell into a depression. I was disagreeable and angry. I felt like my beautiful world had collapsed and I was left with an ugly, sick place to live. This was not a gradual introduction into the world of criticism, this was baptism by fire.

It took some time to gain perspective. The abuse we faced was a reflection of a sick nation. It had nothing to do our beautiful person. We have to keep in mind, as we manifest so does everyone around us. It's a giant web of manifestation.

What I found out about myself was, I did not want to live on a plane where people put other people down for sport. I was not going to sit by without doing my damnedest to change the spiritual climate. 

I put myself back in the limelight, became a spiritual coach, wrote a book. I did so knowing the haters are always looking for their next meal. I knew what it felt like to be on the plate. Gone was the naivety, this time I had done the strenuous mental work.

In order to handle criticism like a boss one must dedicate themselves to these three things.


  • Master your thoughts. This is not taught in school. Most of us had dysfunctional parents that modeled unhealthy practices. I was reading the comments on those blogs. The negativity transferred. I was taking in other peoples poison. Remind yourself of who you are when faced with criticism. The longer you have been doing personal development work the easier this will become. Subscribe to my Youtube channel. I remind you of your greatness.


  • Protect your emotions. Do this by monitoring your thoughts. Carefully! Whatever you think about, you have an emotional reaction. Do not dwell on criticism. Stop it. Don't think about the person who wishes to discourage you. The stronger your mind becomes, the more you can disconnect emotionally. With practice you will see, how you are in charge of your emotions. You train your brain.


  • Have a mission so solid that nothing can sway you. When you know what it is you are called to, do it. This keeps you facing forward. If there is something in the criticism that will help you grow, use it. Otherwise stay fixated on your dream.

In my book Rise Up B$tch!, An Inspired Methodology For Manifesting Fantasies, I start the series off with Book One, Self Centered. It is imperative to take care of yourself first and foremost. You can heal yourself from anything. Mental power increases with practice. You are capable of becoming so strong that you can face any critic and bounce right back.

Join me on a quest for making this world a more loving, accepting place. When you find yourself being negative or engaging in criticism, remember people are doing the best they can with what they currently know. Head in the opposite direction. Be the person that offers encouragement and support. Refuse to face off with negative energy. Lead in the direction of enlightened behavior.


Let’s create that utopia.

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