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Mystical Astrology Personality Assessment

Mystical Astrology Personality Assessment

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Let The SpiesGirls read your stars! Learn where every planet was when you were born and how they affect your personality. Come to understand your destiny and why you are the way you are! This DEEP Astrology Reading will help you love yourself like never before. A tremendous amount of time and preparation goes into this entertaining video presentation of your astrological birth chart reading. Sure to become your most treasured possession. 

What You Get:

  • Between an hour to an hour and half video recording of your birth chart, narrated by Momma Miki Spies and Daughter Sydney Spies. Delivered within 2-10 days. You will receive a questionnaire upon purchase. Please email this  back immediately to expedite the process. 
  • Downloadable File (keep for life.)
  • BONUS: Hand written letter of encouragement catered to your highest calling. Look at it daily or frame it to motivate you on your Magical Life Journey.
  • EXTRA BONUS: The discovery of Self Love e-book. Authored by Miki Spies. 'Rise up Bitch! An Inspired Methodology for Manifesting Fantasies'. Guided mystical self love homework will JUMP START your HAPPY. Delivered immediately upon purchase.

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