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Seduction Playbook for Men - By Miki & Sydney Spies

Seduction Playbook for Men - By Miki & Sydney Spies

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The Game of loving (and dealing with) women just got EASY! These mind blowing ebooks are the ultimate Alpha Male Guide to getting women's attention and uhm, affection...

Win with women, and life. This ebook is the ultimate seduction tool. Discover what females REALLY want (it's not what you think). Women are from Venus after all.

Gain mega doses of confidence as you masterfully apply these Casanova strategies. If you're searching for 'the one' / your 'soul mate' you NEED this book.

Become a dynamic pick up artist, find the traditional woman of your dreams or resurrect a stale relationship right away.

This ebook will red pill you enough to protect yourself while empowering you with rational ideas. The science of dating, love and romance are told like never before.

Learn to flirt like a BOSS because it's the sexiest way into bed...

The Art of Seduction will pour out of you as you charm women into a frenzied state of desire. The question of 'How to talk to girls' just got answered.

Arm yourself with a masculine mindset. Become ridiculously charming. Transform into the S#X God she craves.


  • A list of texts you should NEVER send.
  • 100 unique date ideas to GRAB HER ATTENTION and separate you from the masses.
  • BONUS - Flirting Playbook that changes everything!

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